Genius hour II

Hey guys my genius hour is going great and I also have a new member Isaach tripp. He switch partners and is now working with me on genius hour. So as you know I am doing neurodvelopment and neurodeveolpmental, But did you know that if children do not get love, affection, or grow a bond with their parents they will only trust themselves.  This will cause them to act out. This can cause them to hug people they do not know or should not hug. They will act out to show they are the boss. Like if you would tell them to put on a shirt they would put on a pajama shirt or something to show they are the boss. This can also cause them to be mad or angry at someone like their mother or father causing them to act out more. They may also blame what wrongs they have done on someone else causing them to act out and the cycle starts all over again.

I am getting my speak ready for my presentation and I am hopping it gets done in time. In my presentation I am hopping to help my peers better understand neurodevelopment and neurodevelopmental. I also hope that they can comprehend all the difficult things this can cause like; sequential disorders. That is when you cannot repeat things said in that same order or cant remember those in between the first and last. So say you are told to eat then hair then get dressed then brush your teeth . They most likely will eat then brush teeth and walk out the door ready for school because they cant remember that many things in order.

Click on this link to listen to the alphabet song. I used this to show that some kids wouldn’t remember this song because of nuerodvelopmental disorders.

This link is about neurodevelopment disorders.


Genius hour project


Hi guys, my project is going good, but it is hard to find information. I think this is because it is a not well known topic. Another obstacle is trying to understand the papers I read for information because these papers are from scientific studies and they use very complicated words. Another obstacle is trying to understand and change the information into something my peers can understand.  I also need to understand it myself!  I feel my speech wont be as good due to information being hard to understand and learning so many different things in such a short amount of time.

I need to learn what certain types of trauma effects develop of the brain in certain genders. For instance, a girl who was sexually abused will have a smaller corpus callous, but for boys neglect causes the corpus callous to shrink. The callous is tissue that connects the two hemispheres and transmit signals to each side of the brain. I have also learned that some neurosurgeons have been able to surgically cut the corpus callous to help fix epileptic seizures. I need to learn about the different areas of the brain and what they do to better understand what doctors and papers are talking.

I have learned that I have certain days that I work really hard and get stuff done and other days my drive is kaput. I have also learned that I enjoy working alone because I can rely on myself to get things done. I also have learned that my vocabulary is expanding due to all the new words I am learning!

This link shows you some things about Neurodevelopmental disorders or different kinds or groups these disorders this falls in.

Neruo Development

My topic is neruodevelopment. Okay, so think about when you were a baby. Now what did you do? You would suck or put your mouth on almost everything. That is neurodevelopment. When you are little you do certain things to trian and program your brian and if you dont hit those milestones you will have some problems in life. That is called neurodevelopmental. Neurodevelopmental is a disorder of brain function that affects emotion, learning ability, self-control and memory and that unfolds as the individual grows. Now think to when you were about 2-3 and your would play and walk and push toys and push and pull your parents, this is also neurodevelopment, you are learning to play and interact with one another and your begging to develop a personality. I do not know much about my topic yet, but I will learn in the near future.

The reason I picked this topic was because of my little step sister. She showed some mental issues, but we never new what. After few years of looking for answers we found this learning center up in Minnesota where we met a lovely lady named Janet. I learned so much from that day about how your brain developed and what happens if you miss those goals how it can affect you in life. This is kinda like a cycle because you do it again as you get older, like the pus pull thing, now as a teen you will rebel or argue, but if you have sports or activities that can help get that push pull itch right out of your system and maybe save you from getting in trouble!





Spring break!!!!!

My spring break started off with a new born puppy named Ollie. He is a week old now and was born on St. Patrick’s Day. He is a shit tzu and is the only puppy. Then we went up to Minnesota for some doctors appointments for my step sister and the appointments were only one hour long, so we did a lot of fun things like go to Mall of America. We went up on a Monday and went to the mall on Tuesday and they weren’t one spring break yet so it was practically empty. We went to a candy store and i got like a 1/lbs of rock candy and two jaw breakers, so ya I went a little over board but how often do you go to the Mall of America or even a candy store for that matter. I also went to this cute store called marbles, they had little mind games and my mom and I started to play this game called Ah Snap, its like jenga. I also went to Sea World and got to pet sting rays, star fish, sea plants and corals. I got to go on the roller coaster Rock Bottom Plunge with my old friend Nathan whom I haven’t seen in over 4 years. I enjoyed my spring break and want to here about yours, so please tell me in my comments area.

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week 10

I have wrote seven blogs during this years challenge. All of my blogs were school required and I had a struggle with some but it helped me a lot. I have had 15 comments, eight are from my internet mentor Mrs. Wohlafka, three are from my language arts teacher, three are from internet students, one is from a student in my class, and the rest are answered comments from me. My post that got the most comments was my family trip to South Dakota. I think it got a lot of comments because people have stuff in common with this post. My favorite post is a tie between the trip to South Dakota and lets end domestic violence. I liked the trip to South Dakota better because  It was easy and fun to remember the fun I had on that trip. I liked lets end domestic violence post because it was fun to learn about that and all of the nice comments I got. It was also nice to learn what happens around us. I had fun righting these post, and thank you to Mrs. Wohlafka for helpful comments!



PROThorbjørn Riise Haagensen
Thorbjørn Riise Haagensen
PROAkbar Simonse
Akbar Simonse

Blizzards are very common in the Midwest. Blizzards are like snow storms but colder. Blizzards have winds at least 56 miles per hour and last for about 3 hours.  Did you know the national weather service categorize a blizzard by the length of winds and not by the amount of snow. Blizzards are like snowstorms but with more frequent gusts over 56 miles per hour creating visibility to .25 miles or less. Blizzards are know to cause whiteouts, car accidents, people abandoning there the cars, school cancellations, and to paralyze communities or regions where snow fall is not normal. Blizzards can cause cold winds that results in wind chill witch can cause hypothermia or frostbite. Windchill is the cooling experience the body feels due to wind chill and temperature combined. Some cases of frostbite can result in lost limbs, most common are fingers and toes.

A ground blizzard is when snow is not falling but snow or ice on the ground is knocked lose by strong winds creating a blizzard like storm. Sometimes you might see a small scale of snow drifting across the road when driving. Ground blizzards can cause drifting snow. Drifting snow can cause serious accidents. From 2008-2009 477 fatalities and from 2009-2010 there were 458, that is an average of 467 fatalities a year in the United States alone ( all information is the minimum amount due to some fatal accidents go unreported).

One blizzard hit the eastern part of Canada all the way to Cuba. This blizzard was a blizzard and cyclone mix with hurricane winds causing 10 billion dollars in damage. A cyclone is a snow tornado. This super storm lasted from March 12-15  in 1993 killing 310 people. This storm demolished 15 houses on the coast of Long Island. Even though was a lot of lives lost, the national weather serves issued a sever storm two days before it hit saving a lot of lives.

Other blogs I visited

I visited Ella’s blog. She is 13 years old. Her post was about a spooky Halloween story. I liked how she gave credit to the photo graph and her story was very different from the rest of Halloween stories I read and was a joy to read.

I also read Ore’s blog. He is 14. I read his post where I feel most free and it was a very relate able post and I like the paragraphs.

I read Sofia’s post too. She is 14 and from Senegal.  In her post she talks about a food they eat at a brunch like time and what it consist of. It was very interesting to learn what others do in different countries. I like how descriptive she was. It made my mouth water!

I read Reese’s blog. He is 13 and in the 7th grade. His post was about celebrating Christmas. What I liked about his post was he mixed the modern Christmas and the older Christmas into a well blended paragraph.

I read Kara’s blog. She is 13. In her post she wrote about the earthquake that hit Haiti. In her post she was very descriptive. It felt like you were there when it happened.

I visited Chloe’s blog too. She is 13 years old. Her post was about French fries. She was descriptive too. It made my mouth water as well.

I visited Liv’s blog. She is 13 as well. Her post was about tater tots. She provided excellent pictures.

I also went to Max’s blog. He is 13 years old. He provided a good picture.

I visited Olivia’s blog. She is 13 and from England. She also did a good job describing, but she also tried involing her readers.

I went to Isabel’s blog. She is also 13. Her post was about how her family celebrates Halloween. Good job describing and letting those who don’t know about those traditions.

cheeseburgers/ My families favorite food.

I think America’s most popular food is cheeseburgers,or hamburgers. Almost every restaurant has a burger. In the town I live in we probably have over 20 restaurants and I would bet all of then have burgers on the menu. I feel that burgers are an american food because most restaurants that were founded in america were burger places. Burgers are a go with anything food like fries, cheese balls, onion rings, and much more. You can get a burger with pretty much anything on it, one had mac and cheese on it, but most have lettuce, tomatoes, onions,and cheese on it. Some cheeseburgers have been modified to vegan burgers. That is a little about American food.

My family loves to cook and bake, but most of all is my moms sweets. My mom almost always make pumpkin bars. Pumpkin bars are like bumpkin pie but more of a cake. It has a cream cheese frosting and is the best snack. I make chocolate chip cookies, but these are no ordinary cookies they’re so much better. They have a crunchy out side, and a soft inside and never dry. My cookies are always asked to be mad and they’re so good you could eat five and never get sick. They have been in the county fair and won first place. Those are just some of my family’s favorite food.


My family trip to South Dakota

Chauncey Davis
Chauncey Davis

My family took a trip to South Dakota this summer. We took our camper up to rapid city and camped for five days. The campground had a pool! We went to Mt. Rushmore and took a lot of pictures. We also went to a crooked house. It was like an optical illusion, but I still question that theory because when someone hung on a pipe he was at an angle not just the floor you could see his body was angled the same way as the floor. We also went to a wildlife protection area where they let buffalo’s and other animals run free. We saw a heard of about 8 buffalo. Then we went several different zoos. One was no ordinary zoo it had bears and elk and lions that were in trees. They had mountain goats and rams. There was another zoo that had bob cats, skunks, turtles, bears, porcupines, and beavers. We also when to the reptile garden. It is in the world record book with the most reptiles. We watched a alligator wrestler in an enclosure with about 35 alligators and crocodiles. I also got to touch a baby crocodile! We also went to many other stores and restaurants. That was my vacation my family went on this summer.

Lets put an end to domestic violence

Everyday normal people go to their normal jobs but do they really have a normal life? Some people you see go home to a scary home and they can’t do anything about it. Did you know that the number of American troops that were killed in Iraq or Afghanistan between 2001 and 2012 was 6,488. The number of woman murdered  by current or ex male partners was 11,766. Woman have a higher chance of being domestic violence victim with 85% domestic victims being woman and 15% being male. To many times are woman held captive by domestic violence by physical abuse, financial abuse, emotional abuse or a combination of all three. Did you know about 3 woman are killed every day by former of ex males. Also about 38,028,000 woman physical partner violence in their lifetimes. Did you know about every minute 20 people are victims. Also  disabled woman are 40% more likely to experience extreme partner violence. Men who were abused as children are 3 out of 4 times more likely to take part in partner violence than boys who were not abused. Intimate partner violence is the leading cause in female homicides and injury related deaths during pregnancy. Domestic violence is the 3rd leading cause of homelessness among families. About 1 in 3  The reason domestic violence occurs is to show power and control mostly proven through violence or threatening. The main times for domestic abuse is between 6 pm and 6 am and more than 60% of domestic violence occurs in homes. Alt least 1 in 3 families are in New York City’s family shelter to do domestic violence. Woman between the ages of 18-34 have the highest chance of becoming victims of domestic violence. There is no explanation of why domestic violence occurs it is caused the abuser. Most of these woman have don nothing wrong to deserve this, no one deserves this. These women need serious help, so do your best to speak up for them and don’t take part in domestic violence. We hear to much about domestic violence from the news lets put and end to domestic violence.

Imformation was found;–facts-52.html